School Song


The strength of a new generation

lies with lnnswood High

We are here to save this nation

so we will aim beyond the sky

There are times when we feel weary

and the mad it seems so long

We will fight the few and fury

Be true be good be strong



lnnswood High, Innswood High

We are the blue with the golden lining

As the nationĀ§ future we’re shining

Then we will remember our teaching

Be true, be good, be strong


Our colours are the symbols

So each may know us through

The gold as bright we shine

And the blue the height of the sky

Our motto we will cherish

We will succeed as one

We work we he we play

Through kindness peace and love


Innswood High home of the hurricanes

No opponents or obstacles shall stand In our way

We’re gonna wipe out illiteracy

We’re gonna wipe out poverty

We’re gonna silence crime and violence

We’re gonna wipe, wipe, wipe, them out (repeat)