Principal’s Message

It takes a village to raise a child’ is an adage that resonates with the Innswood High School’s vision and mission. It is imperative that the school and the home strengthen their partnership to ensure that all our children realize their full learning potential. Education is the vehicle that will transport them through life. This journey will not be without challenges but as a family we can work together to help our children reach their destination. I believe that ‘Every Child Can Learn Every Child Must Learn’ so our children will always be the recipients of quality education when they transition to the Innswood High School. We recognize that our children are diverse in many ways and they face many challenges that limit their potential. Each child is seen as an individual with his/her own strengths and capacities for growth in achievement. Therefore, our staffs (all levels) pledge to provide learning opportunities and support system that will enable all students to achieve academic and social success.
As Principal of the lnnswood High School, I adopt a collaborative approach to leadership because the success of our children is dependent on input from all stakeholders in the school community. Within the school, we promote a culture that priorities love, tolerance, acceptance and learning.